Felix is a real estate company operating in the acquisition, management and development of high-profile properties, both directly and in partnership with international investors.

Noe' Rusconi was the man who founded Felix in Milan, in 2002, following a natural process of reorganization and evolution of subsidiary companies to create a dynamic business. Thanks to the ongoing determination to achieve investment growth and diversification, Felix now manages a significant real estate portfolio, both with revenue properties and stakes in companies active in the realization and marketing of industrial, commercial and residential areas.

In 2006, responding to internationalization openings coming from new European markets, Felix Bulgaria (with registered offices in Sofia) and Felix Uno (with registered offices in Timisoara, Romania) were established, working in the acquisition, development and marketing of mainly residential and service areas and buildings, as well as through acquisition of stakes in other companies.


Rusconi's past is one of a dedication to work and skill that began in the difficult post-war era, evolving into an enterprise strong enough to play a key market role as a sector leader and mouthpiece for the great Italian talent for innovation.
Felice Rusconi was born in 1911, and was honoured with the Cavaliere del Lavoro decoration for his dedication and entrepreneurial spirit. He founded one of the top businesses operating in the production of cements and in construction. From his first plant, comprising just a furnace and a wooden shack, to the Caravate cement works, a shining example for other similar industries. The development of the business testified to an ability to interpret the country's social and industrial changes correctly.
Felice Rusconi chanced on a small marl pebble near Caravate, a small hill town at the mouth of the Cuvia valley, and it was this pebble that inspired his industrial dream, today as strong as ever. What he found instigated the development of an entire geographical area and left an indelible mark on the urban fabric of Milan and Varese, firstly during post-war reconstruction and later during the economic boom.

Thanks to investments in technology development, constant protection of the surrounding environment, the construction of important buildings that today distinguish the city of Milan, from Piazza San Babila and Vittorio Emanuele to Piazza Diaz, Felice Rusconi, his son Noe' and now Felice and Lorenzo were able to build the expertise required to guarantee the development and evolution of their business.
In 1974, Cavaliere Felice Rusconi decided to establish the Fondazione Anna Villa e Felice Rusconi, recognized as a charitable trust in 1975. Since then the foundation has been working to uphold training and experimental research in the biomedical field, providing bursaries for this purpose, fostering cultural debate and funding philanthropic schemes.
Nowadays, after more than half a century of activity, from that first pebble in Caravate to the most recent phase of conversion to activities that lean to international property development and visual arts, the second and third family generations lead the group and contribute to confirming the Rusconi name as a byword for quality in enterprise and an enlightened market vision.

Cav.Lav. Felice Rusconi
Ind.Cementi Felice Rusconi
Inaugurazione del primo forno
Trasporto Forno Rotante
Ind.Cementi Felice Rusconi
Ind.Cementi Felice Rusconi


  • Felice Rusconi
    . . .
  • After a Business Administration graduate at the University of London’s ACL, Felice began working in the field of advertising production and contributed to the creation of Central Groucho, which soon established itself as one of Italy’s sector leaders. In 2003 he became CEO of Felix SpA, handling asset management and property development. In January 2008, with Nicola Schon, he brought real estate management to Italy with John Taylor, a famous company founded in 1864 and part of Monaco’s Michel Pastor group since 1996. In 2003, Felice’s interest in contemporary art led him to accept management of the overseas relations office for the Galleria Nicoletta Rusconi.

  • Lorenzo Rusconi
    . . .
  • After taking two bachelor degrees in London, one in Business Administration and another one in Philosophy, he begins to work in 2004 for Livingston SpA, a real estate company of the Felix Group. During 2006 he works with alternative energy and sets up with two partners the company Cautha srl, and in 2008 he begins concentrating in the Eastern European's real estate developments of the family business.

  • Angelo Strianese
    Cfo and head of investment & asset management
    . . .
  • He is an economics graduate of Salerno University, specialized in administration, finance and control, and he has worked for Arthur Andersen and Deloitte Consulting as a corporate advisor, later working for Pirelli & C. Real Estate as budget manager and asset manager. Since 2008 he has been in charge of the Felix Group’s economic and financial Italian and overseas real estate portfolio. He working with the owners to define corporate strategies and development.

  • Laura Padovani
    Manager of general affairs of Felix SpA and coordinator of the activities of the treasury
    . . .
  • Degree in education, after significant professional experience, in 2007 he joined the Group Felix.

  • Lucia Mocci
    Manager of administration and management control
    . . .
  • She is an expert in accounting and financial statements, he has been working as head of the administrative office at a hotel group in Trentino. Since 2010 manages the administrative sector of Felix Spa.